About the resources

Lunch audits made simple:

There are several easy to use tools on the website to help you carry out your audit and record the results.

Create your own packed lunch advisory leaflets:

Add your school’s name and logo, choose a cover image (you can also use the one provided, or leave a space blank for the children to personalise) and choose policies and food types relevant your school.

Then simply download and print out, in colour or black and white, full text or abridged, and in a choice of 13 languages!

Your leaflets will contain comprehensive dietary advice on packed lunch provision aimed at improving the health and well being of children.

They are designed to be relevant and accessible to all sections of the communities of all primary and special schools in England and Wales.

The leaflets have been written by a specialist dietitian for schools and the project was developed in partnership with the Healthy Schools Programme in the London Borough of Islington. Nutritional advice follows government’s packed lunch guidelines, that of The National Healthy Schools Programme and the School Food Trust.

Options built into the system cater for a wide spectrum of ethnic diversity in schools. Translations are of the highest standard and the text has been designed and written to make translated material more effective.

Lesson plans

Lesson plans are available for download and printing for PSHE, Science and ICT. They are designed to help you develop ideas to integrate healthy eating work in to your curriculum.

Recognition and rewards

Improving nutrition at lunchtime may involve changing long-held habits and going without familiar comfort foods and can be a challenge for some children. To recognise their efforts and encourage them, there are healthy lunch stickers that you can download and print out. Let us know if you have particular requirements for your school.

Links to further resources

All the links to further resources have been carefully chosen to help you understand and make more effective use of the resources and build confidence of the school community as they work to raise standards and change habits where necessary.